28 January 2008

Power Struggles

Monday 28Jan08 7pm

As I walked home today and was thinking about my blog entry as a way to shove off the aggravation of work, my mind flit back to the power struggle of July 2007 and how both my friend Jojo and I felt that it triggered my debilitating pain that laid me up for a few months. I wondered if it is time to think about my next direction. Seems the power struggle has resurfaced and ofcourse Mercury is Retrograde and Pluto has moved in Capricorn, will flit back to Sagittarius for a minute and will stay in Capricorn for something like 15 years. I sat up last night reading about it in The Mountain Astrologer and it scared the pants off me.

What I can remember without going back to the magazine was stuff like governmental control, things going to more of a Conservative leaning (heavy conservative), issues with the way that people are managed. Slavery in the US started when Pluto was in Capricorn. Dictatorships and fascism had their best heydays when Pluto was in Capricorn. blah blah blah. Stuff about New World Order. Serious tensions and rebellions. Scary shit! Let's hope Obama gets elected as President and let's double hope we get rid of Stephen Harper, but he's here now and our Liberal leader isn't Gerrard Kennedy.

In a smaller way, I've felt the change at work with the new regime. I've said a couple of times, it's like they are trying to say that we are a team and then pulling dictatorship tactics. It calmed for a while because my boss spoke up but slowly it's been seeping in once again. I've told my boss that when he ultimately leaves, I'd like to go with him but who knows what can happen. The powers that be already have a chosen person for the position I would take. Or my boss decides to go another route himself. So somehow I know that I need to stop allowing my mind to live in it and I need to let my mind create what I want. There are a number of things that call me, like animals and art and independence and and. I haven't quite found a way to go live in the woods like a present day Grizzly Adams with high speed internet yet. ha ha Oh yes and enough ground to have some sort of animal sanctuary, a cat retirement home, maybe my dream man can be a Vet!

I haven't a clue what I was going to say! ha ha!

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