30 March 2006

The Name

Thursday 30Mar06 7:33pm

I decided I'd try this blog stuff again. My original blog bittergirl never quite inspired me. Maybe because I'm not bitter! But the EY page seems more fitting.

The correct spelling of my name is with an EY but people repeatedly spell it wrong. I've said it's Shelley with an EY so often that I actually have a girlfriend that calls me EY.

But really folks don't you like a person that takes the time to spell your name right?

I have no idea what kind of life this blog will take but here I sit, playing music while Picasso (one of my cats) sits close by nodding off with feigned boredom until I look like I'm going to the kitchen. Then she's alert, jumps in front of me and proceeds to trip me all the way to the kitchen.

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