30 March 2006

Rahsaan Patterson


I have a few addictions - Books, Music, Office supplies, - to name a
few. Since I bought my ibook for my 41st birthday, I've turned into an
itunes junkie. There are worse things to be addicted to, clearly.

Lots of people download for free, I'm not judging, but I don't. I have
no problems with paying for the music that a person spent years working
on as long as it's good. In my search for new music I came across some
of the compilations that itunes offers. I looked at them mainly with a
music snobs eye because I was sure the songs chosen for the
compilations would be generic everyday stuff. Much to my surprise, I
discovered Rahsaan Patterson, Donnie, Amp Fiddler, Van Hunt and
Anthony David.

Can I just say that I've been jamming Rahsaan's After Hours strong.
Been asking all my music buddies, Have you heard this guy? Listen to
this and I play , "The One For Me".
Not only does this brother have sweet uptempo music, his lyrics are
thoughtful and not cliche. He has a bit of a Raphael Saadiq sound and
yet a sound all his own.
If you're going to pay for anyone's music, this is the guy to spend it

I discovered that he has two previously released albums which I ordered
off Amazon.ca since itunes didn't have them. I received those bad boys
today and have since listened to them. This guy is a keeper.

Rahsaan Patterson discography:
- After Hours
- Love in Stereo
- Rahsaan Patterson

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