23 April 2008

Day of the Week

An interesting post by Beverlee the Astrologer on her site...

Here's an interesting astrological theory from Robert Camp that I have found to be both valid and effective. It's your personal planetary cycle, based on the concept that the day of the week on which you were born is always your personal Mercury Day. The next day is your personal Venus Day, followed by Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. See if you notice this pattern in your life. If you don't know the day of the week you were born, Click the title to be brought to Beverlee's site.

This is usually a day when you are involved in a lot of communications. This could take the form of phone calls, letters, maybe some short car trips. Perhaps you'll interact more with family members on this day. Things tend to happen quickly, without a long-lasting effect. In other words, the day's effect will feel Mercurial.

This is the day of beautification; a time for indulging in luxuries or sensual pleasures. You may want to get a haircut, treat yourself to a massage, or buy something beautiful. You could enjoy a fine dinner, go to the theater, or read a good book. You may notice that on this day you have a special need to focus on relationship issues.

This is likely to be either your day of passion or one of impatience and irritability with situations and people. Legal issues may come to the fore. You should have the necessary energy to get a lot accomplished on this day every week so it's a good time to begin a new project. Take care to avoid arguments, though, because you're likely to blame others for your own problems on this day.

This is your money day! In general you'll probably experience a feeling of prosperity and abundance on this day. You could feel more expansive and come up with good ideas for how to have, do or be more than you have been before on some level. In fact, this could be one of the days of the week you enjoy the most.

You guessed it: time to get disciplined and put some order in your life. This should be easier to accomplish on this day since you're apt to want to be alone anyway. So keep a low profile, roll up your sleeves and tackle any thankless tasks that have accumulated. It's a good day to schedule a dentist or doctor's appointment, too, since Saturn rules the bones, teeth and other health-related matters.

Time to break out of your routine and experience some freedom. You should welcome the release if you've been diligent on your Saturn Day. You could come up with some creative new solutions for problem-solving today. Hang loose, though, because there just might be some sudden and unexpected Uranian event to deal with.

Fantasy and escape time. A time for dreaming or daydreaming. Maybe you'll want to go to a movie or rent a video. Alcohol, music, meditation, a stroll along the beach -- any of these could play a role in your life today. And you may feel more spiritually "connected" to the Universe today so it's a wonderful time for learning about your own hidden dreams and desires.

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