11 June 2006

I Love Food

Sunday 11June06 12:07pm

I love food. I have a passion for eating. I used to work with a woman
at the Science Centre who used to say she could take food or leave it.
"I eat because I need to eat to survive," she said.

Are you kidding me? To survive?

I love working with people who love to eat. I love people who bring
tasty goodies to share. I love people who tell you about great foods
they've tried or better yet, great concoctions they've come up with.

I'm known for carrying a bag full of food to work to ensure my day long
graze fest. In fact, at the Science Centre, one of my work mates
nicknamed me the chuck wagon because I carried so much food.

I love cultures that love to eat. I love the Italians for their
homemade pastas and for giving me ideas to experiment with my spaghetti
sauce ( I put ground beef, Italian sausage, and pepperoni in mine.) I
love West Indians for jerk chicken or pork, curried goat and roti. I
love them for all the other foods that I never tried growing up despite
having a West Indian Grandfather. I love the Dutch for their meal of
mashed potatoes mixed with sauerkraut and served with with steamed
sausages. My step dad usually used polish sausages. I also love that
they embraced Indonesian food. I could eat Nasi Goreng every single
day. I love the Chinese for Dim Sum.

When I started following Harvey and Marilyn Diamond's Fit For Life, I
was turned on to salads (something I never liked) and juicing. With my
Magic Bullet I've been able to make smoothies using frozen fruit in the

I'm a firm believer that you need to be well fed before you can do
anything well. Sometimes it's the smallest things that can bring me
joy. I took Friday off work in anticipation of the Bloody Words writing
conference. I was too excited by my shop when I came home with shrimp,
escargots and cherries amongst my normal list of grocery needs. I look
so forward to what I have to eat at home that I rarely eat out.

To me, food is one more reason to love life.

My Ultimate Favorite Salad (that doesn't need salad dressing)
Spring Mix (mixed greens)
Dandelion leaves
Red & Green Seedless grapes
Grape tomatoes
Cheese (Havarti, Double Cream Brie or Cambozola)
If I feel like having salad dressing I add, Renee's Ravin' Raspberry

Favorite Feel Good Breakfast
Raspberries and Blueberries mixed together

Fresh Juice (I have a Charlescraft juice extractor)


Green Grapes

I Don't Eat Enough Vegetables Juice
3 Beets
A bag of Carrots
A bag of Apples

Give em a whirl, tell me what you think.


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