11 June 2006

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Sunday 11June06 12:35pm

I worked for a Life Coach as her personal assistant for four months
from November 2004 to March 2005. It was an interesting experience but
the best thing was that I learned that I hated winter a lot less than I
believed I did.

In one of her regular seminars, she made the attendees who said they
hated winter list all the reasons why they hated winter and then what
they could love about winter. I realized that I always loved shoveling
snow, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing. I love the slow down
(hibernation) that winter brings, the ability to stay home all day long
to read and write, cooking hot meals that make the apartment smell like
a loving home. I love making different kinds of hot soups in my two
crockpots that are on the go all winter long. I love Christmas and my
solitary Christmas ritual.

What I love about winter is the first snow fall when the snow is
covering every surface making the trees look like marshmallow trees. I
love making footprints in the snow or following someone else's
footprints pretending that I'm on the trail of a bandit or about to
find my one true love. ha ha! I especially love when the footprints are
huge and I can giggle at how much smaller my footprints are in

Because of the winter I appreciate the first days of Spring and the
promise of possibilities. Who can be in a bad mood when it's the first
warm day and you feel like you're standing straighter. All of a sudden
we come in to bloom like flowers facing toward the life giving sun.
You undo your coat, look up to the sky, take a deep breath and smile.

I love all the colorful tulips that are planted by Parks and Rec and
the smell of lilacs that make me inhale deeper like a smoker satisfying
her nicotine fit.

I love looking forward to the Summer and BBQ's, sitting on patios with
refreshing cold beer or Sangria with pieces of fruit floating in it.
There are so many types of beer these days that it's so hard to choose
just one. Back in the days of Growler's, my favorite pub that has
closed down, summer meant wheat beer with slices of lemon to squeeze
in. I miss Growler's!

I love CHERRIES! I can and do eat cherries all summer long. I buy them
when they are $6.99 a pound and buy more of them when they are 99 cents
a pound. I love walking and roller blading, sitting in the park with
nuts for the squirrels. I love visiting Buddy the donkey at the Farm
and the little chapel across the street where Davin's funeral was and
subsequently where his memorial plaque is.

I love Canada's Wonderland and roller coasters. I love how clear and
even my skin is from the kiss of the sun. I love peaches, nectarines,
watermelons, cantaloupes, raspberries, blueberries and did I mention

I love the Jazz Festival (Montreal preferably), Caribana and Gay pride.
I love seeing hot men that have worked out all winter and the sexy
women that turn their heads. I love wearing sun dresses and sandals. I
love sweating!

It's harder for me to transition from Summer to Fall however. I still
get a bit of the back to school malaise even though I haven't been in
school for years. But I love back to school specials (i'm addicted to
office supplies) and Indian Summer with a few bonus patio days. I love
looking forward to Author's festival in October and the turkey eating
of Thanksgiving.

Learning to remember what I love about winter has made me appreciate
all the seasons. If I say I only love summer it leaves me with a few
short months of enjoyment and nine months of self imposed misery. I
used to think that I wanted to live somewhere that was summer all year
long but now I know that I'd miss winter and the excuse to hibernate
which brings me to spring and it's many promises.

Inspiration all year round.

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