04 June 2006

Work on Earth

4June06 Sunday 11:36pm

"Rachel came through you to do her work on Earth, which includes her manner of death."
Quote from Ram Dass letter to parents of child killed violently (in book Inspiration. Your Ultimate Calling - Dr. Wayne Dyer)

I often wonder what my work on Earth is meant to be. I analyze and pick apart situations and my reactions to them. What was the benefit of feeling left out as a child? I had to rely more on myself, depend less on the need to be a part of a group. Certainly the constant moves in my early childhood helped me through that. Yet I still get insulted when someone deliberately leaves me out.

What lesson am I still not learning? The learning is in finding the benefit in the so-called negative.

Looking at the recent incident ( see = Miscellaneous - Interesting 18May06 below) at work with the guys getting a special lunch when I wasn't at work, one benefit is that it's good for me to miss out both health and weight wise. My brown bagged lunches are far healthier than any special lunch they could order.

Another benefit is that I have to stop and look at my reactions and attitudes and how I choose to behave.

It's a bit of a reality check that people are sometimes happier when they are upsetting others. it is up to me how I choose to react to any situation. That is definitely something I need to get a better handle on.

There were times as a child, when I was at my happiest, that I felt like my mother deliberately did or said something to wipe the happy off my face. it was the feeling that was depressing but the lesson was to choose to be happy anyway.

We've all said that about people, " She gets on my nerves, she's so damn happy all the time."

"She's ugly (name your insult), what's she got to be happy about?"

Sometimes the only enjoyment we can see is the opportunity to pick on someone until they feel as miserable as us. It makes me think of my harmless jokes and what they may mean to others. I want to be more mindful of what I do and say.

There is inspiration in every situation especially the one that upsets me.

Living in Inspiration.

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