02 October 2006

Daily Practice for a Positive Attitude

Monday 5:54pm 2Oct06

I never watched Once and Again, the TV drama when it was on because I had the feeling that it was a tear jerker of a show and since I cry at the drop of a hat I didn't want to put myself through that. Somehow now that it's on the W network on Sunday mornings, I've been watching it. Of course I've spent many a Sunday morn balling my eyes out. I'm such a suck!

Yesterdays episode dealt with depression. The mother whose ex husband remarried has been depressed because her kids spend more time with the ex husband in their new blended family than they do with her. One of the scenes shows her at her psychiatrists office in session and he tells her to write up a daily list of:

3 things you are looking forward to
3 things you love
3 things you want.

I had to write that down and now I have to share it...


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