31 October 2006

Missing in Action

Tuesday 5:47pm 31Oct06

I've been missing in action on the EY Page blog front. I was off to the International Festival of Authors for ten days. Lots of inspiration for writers. See my other blog Writing2Live if you have any interest in that. (Click the Missing in Action title to go there)

I've got a busy November ahead with National Novel Writing Month starting tomorrow for the month of November. Basically you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I enter it every year because it's a good test to push yourself to write and hope one of these years that at the end of the month I end up with a decent piece to revise. Plus it's just good at making you build the habit of sitting down and writing every single day without letting yourself get stopped up by the constant distractions that can plague a writer. There's still time to sign up for it, if you're so inclined or to check it out just to know what a whack of crazy writers do every year just because they can... http://www.nanowrimo.org

I'd like to get back to posting more on this blog but can't promise much during November. My Writing2live blog is more of my daily blog with a variety of topics like the Zelda Diaries (about my new very cute and crazy terrorist kitten), Writing outings, Daily practice and the like.

But I'm always on the look out for inspiration and I'm sure I will need it in droves during Nanowrimo. Anything to get me writing and living with joy and loving which I'm finding much easier since the Festival of Authors and the new men in my life and my new best friend and and...

Keep looking for what inspires you.


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