13 December 2006

Power Animals

Wednesday 6:48pm 13Dec06

I love symbols. I love choosing an Angel to carry around in my imagination that will guide me through my intuition into new places or experiences. I thank the angels when I remember something important that I was supposed to take care of. I thank the angels for my continued safety especially when I do something careless. As much as I love animals I'm not sure why I've never looked into power animals before. Everyone knows that I love cats and their independence. I can remember filling out a playful type of questionnaire years ago that you have to name the type of animals that you like and why and somehow it was inked back to the type of qualities that you possess.

Any way I got an email from Carrie Hart announcing her new website on power animals. I finally decided to pay it a visit and meditate on what kind of animal companion I'd like. My quest was for a writing companion. I got the Zebra. Click the title to read the description. And click Enchanted Forest on the top of that page to choose your own power animal.

The funny thing about the Zebra is that he also falls in line with my limitations, feeling like I can choose this but if I do I can't choose that. Ironically I just wrote a piece on my Writing2live blog about choice and vanquishing the limitations.

A zebra? I have cats. I have pictures of polar bears and brown bears. I have elephant ornaments and candles. Dogs, Owls, big cats but no Zebras. I'm going to have to go buy some sort of Zebra pin or keychain or something or other to remind me that my choices are only limited by my imagination and I have a symbol of a writing companion.

It's all energy, might as well work with it.


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