27 December 2006

Something to Start 2007 With

Wednesday 11:18am 27Dec06

We're in the home stretch of the end of the year. Some of us have plans, some of us are still holding out for "the plans" and some of us haven't got a clue but we're all thinking about what 2007 will bring. A new love, a new job, prosperity, another chance at making a whole year the year. Here is a nice message that I received in my email this morning that is perfect to share...
Click the title to see Carrie Hart's website. She also has magnificent meditations that I happened to purchase.
May all your wishes come true in 2007!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Quado Daily Portion

Meet Your Team for 2007

Today, I would like you to meet the team that is going to support you in 2007. I would like you to meet Love, Courage, Peace and Faith, to invite them in to be your lifetime companions. To enter your life and abide there, within you, part of your being, ever a part of your thoughts and actions, an integral part of who you are.

Picture them now. Great, white and glowing with power, a golden light encircling each one, a light that comes from within, so bright and powerful that fear and doubt cannot survive in their presence.

You may picture them as powerful winged angels, strong and glowing. You may picture them as knights, galloping in, silver armor flashing, swords ready to defeat the darkness. You may picture them as great balls of golden energy. Whatever form you wish them to take, they will take. Whatever powers you feel they need to have to finally defeat the last bits of fear and doubt within you, you may give them.

See them before you. Feel yourself open to their presence. Invite them in now.

First open your heart, wide and wider. Invite Love to enter and fill your heart completely. Feel the glow, the warmth, as all the ice melts, as all the hardness softens, as the cracks and fissures mend. Your heart is glowing with love. It is nothing but love. It is love completely.

Now open your heart even wider and allow Courage to take up residence alongside Love. See what a wonderful team they make, Love and Courage, allowing you to take on anything and everything, confident and daring, yet still feeling safe and secure.

And now, open your mind and invite Faith to enter. Invite the light of Faith to shine there so brightly, that doubt is instantly dissolved. It cannot sustain in the bright glow of faith. Your belief is absolute. You believe in yourself and all that you can accomplish and you believe also in the help that is there for you. Your mind is on your side, willing to support the actions that Love and Courage are now yearning for. They are all working together as your team.

And now, open your center and let it fill with Peace, like a deep and endless pool of water. This pool of Peace will allow you to come down and reach your personal truth, no matter what is happening, no matter what you are feeling or anyone else is saying. It will allow you to make your decisions and choices freely, from a deep sense of knowing.

And now, for a moment, just glow within the presence of these four, Love, Courage, Faith and Peace, filling you from head to toe, lighting your life, giving you the absolute power to be the fullest and best expression of yourself that you could possibly be, shining with the glory that is you.

And now, feel how a fifth presence is forming. It is Joy, for Joy is naturally formed wherever Love, Courage, Faith and Peace abide. Joy cannot stay away when her friends are all present. And Joy surrounds you now and is within you and without you, lifting your energies higher and higher.

And now they are all with you: your team for 2007. How blessed you are!

Here is a little prayer for today

I open my heart and invite Love and Courage to enter, to live within me every day, all day, filling me with their glow.

I open my mind and fill it with Faith, a bright glow ever present, a part of every decision I make. My belief in myself and the help that is there for me is absolute.

I open my center and fill it with Peace, a deep pool of Peace that allows me to reach my truth, always clear, always there in a deep knowing.

And now, I invite Joy to fill me from head to toe, forming my perfect team for the rest of my life. Love, Courage, Faith, Peace and Joy. This is what my life is made of. This is who I am. I glow from this energy, this presence. I am brought fully home to myself.

I am love. I am courage. I am faith and peace. I am joy. I am.


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