14 April 2014

The Human Design

Monday 14April4

It's so funny how life works out sometimes.
On April 1st I was sitting realizing that this was the first year that I hadn't gotten a psychic reading. Every year for I don't know how many years, my girlfriends and I have gone for psychic reading. Usually around my birthday. Of course I was in Australia this year for my birthday.

I was having the little conversation in my head, asking myself if it was too much to ask to have a reading, given all the money I already put out for my Australian birthday. LOL! I decided against the psychic reading and paid instead for a numerology profile from Christine Delorey. I love her work so much and I had actually wanted to buy it in my One Personal Year last year but I was saving up for Australia. It will be a few more weeks before I receive that because Christine does all her work personally, she doesn't use software.

Then I'm reading the newsletter from Astrologer Dawn (Dawn Falbe) and in it she always has some great words of wisdom and ideas on how to deal with the current energies. I read everything in her newsletter except the stuff about The Human Design. Specifically because it was linked to getting a chart and reading done by ReGina Concotelli and I wasn't interested. I always like to highlight any questions that she has in her newsletter and possibilities for my focus. Absolutely every one who wrote about April's energies was saying stuff about big energy, big movement, make your intentions etc. Something kept pulling me back to her section on the Human Design. "I'm not interested, I'm not interested"

I finally googled it to see what I could find on it for free. I was able to get my chart done for free through New Sunware. Through them I found out that my type is a Projector; My Profile is 6/2 Role model/ hermit; my strategy is to wait for the invitation. I googled as much information as I could find on those to find out what the heck it all meant. And well, you know how it goes, I ordered a reading from Regina.

Holy Cow! The things about me that she zeroed in on! She gave me 4 questions to ask, pay attention to. The biggest point for me was/is about me not being recognized for all that I do. It's been a huge issue at work and it was making me madder and madder until I was ready to throw up my hands and just say fuck it! In major life events - accepting jobs/ career , relationships/ partnerships/ friendships, place to live - they only work out when I am invited into them. And I use my intuition and how I feel emotionally to know whether or not it's the right invitation for me. True success is in selecting the right people to have in my life, people who recognize and appreciate me. That bit of information really blew things wide open for me.

Especially when it comes to work. I've felt for years that no matter what I do there is always an excuse as to why that wasn't a big deal. Talk about banging your head against the wall.
It's funny too that one of the things I was telling a friend last year after I'd gone to Bermuda about my girlfriend who lives there was that she is one of the few people who has always "seen" me. She's always appreciated the things that I have to offer as a friend.

In the Human Design Foundation Session that I had with ReGina, I received the chart; a print out of my prime gifts; a 30 minute recorded message of Regina interpreting my chart and a follow up Skype session where Regina answered all the questions I had about my chart and my type and the recording etc. Our Skype session ran just under 45 minutes.

So needless to say I've stopped pushing so hard to be heard at work. Stopped trying to prove that what I have to say is the right course of action, because it falls on deaf ears anyway. My boss never gave me the invitation. And the push, my push was draining me to the extremes. What a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

And men! It's not up to me to pursue. It's for me to wait for the invitation, the right invitation that feels emotionally like I am being recognized and appreciated for who I am. It's fascinating work and it's only scratching the surface.

It's funny because some of the stuff I was slowly starting to learn for myself by huge trial and error, mind you, but this session really gave me food for thought and strategies to test.

Since my session with ReGina, In work meetings I've been quiet and just sit back and listen and observe. I do see the people who do invite my opinions and my knowledge for work I've done for close to 14 years and who listen when I speak. Listen in a way that I know they value what I have to say. And with men, there have been 3 new men in my life lately and I've started to use this and have seen things so clearly and backed out safely before I got entangled in the same old dramas or worse.

Look into getting your free chart done. And if you do go with Regina for an interpretation, the $150 is worth it in the knowledge you receive about yourself, tell her that you learned about her from me Shelley Domingue.

Regina's Align Your Design web site

Another thing Regina mentioned was that I am in my Chiron Return. I know I have a couple readers who have or will be turning 50 this year. This period is a time for us to find our authentic selves and design our lives to live authentically in every facet. To heal our old wounds.
Chiron was last in Pisces March 27, 1960 - August 19, 1960
January 21st 1961 - March 31st, 1968
October 19th, 1968 - January 30th, 1969


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