21 May 2006

Why Do I Cry?

Sunday 21May06 10:43pm
Why do I cry when I see others do well? It's about a person living
their purpose.

I can watch a singer perform and get all teary eyed. I can watch the
Olympics and ball my eyes out as an athlete wins a medal. Sometimes
it's only a bronze but knowing the back story that got that athlete to
the bronze over takes my emotions.

It's about purpose. There's something about watching a person and
knowing, witnessing them living their purpose that affects me. It
inspires me. It makes me wonder what the world would be like if we all
lived our purpose, if I truly lived my purpose. All anyone really has
to do is persist through all the odds. Just because we know our purpose
doesn't mean we'll be without obstacles.

I cry because these people have persisted through some obstacles that
other people couldn't live through, they've persisted and I'm watching
the culmination of that persistence. It's beautiful and inspiring and
it makes me weep...

Living an Inspired Life.

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