30 April 2006

Favorites and Ramblings

30April06 Sunday 5:15pm

Favorite Theatre Company

I've seen all but maybe two productions. My all time favorite
production is The Stronger which inspired my idea for a novel in
research mode titled The Fold (3019)

Theatre Rusticle link

See a show and then consider donating money for more brilliantly
inspiring thought provoking productions. I do!

Favorite Yearly Event
The International Festival of Authors
I'm buying a patron membership this year in order to be able to attend every possible interview, and round table discussion I can get myself to. And I'm taking the week off work.
International Festival of Authors link

My Obsessions
The Olympics

Most People Think
I'm extroverted when I'm really introverted. I'm only extroverted when
I'm comfortable with the people I'm with.

Most People Don't Realize
I don't take or ask for advice. I just want someone to listen but many people think that is a cue to tell me what they think I should do. They also don't know that I will always do what I want to do not what they think I should do.

My Prince Quirk
I only ever listen to his newest album once. I play his older stuff more frequently and save his newer music for when I feel a need for new Prince music. I always want to feel like I have something new of his to listen to.

My Take on Christmas

I was like most children that always looked forward to Christmas. Each
year after all the hyped up excitement something inevitably went wrong.
If it wasn't my alcoholic father destroying the Christmas tree and
smashing all the presents it was my step father flipping out for some
imagined wrong doing. Of course not every single Christmas was shitty
but enough of them were to cause me anxious misgivings. If I could I
would go to a tropical island and drink some fruity drinks and work on
a tan that I don't need.

For most of my adult years I've spent Christmas as the add on at
someone's house. I was the orphan that had to be grateful for being
included in on the festivities when all I wanted to do was stay home
and bury my head until the 26th of December. People don't want to hear
about you being alone on Christmas. They think it's depressing and if
they had the guts to say it out loud, pathetic. So for years I was
someones guest. I had to sit through the torture of watching them open
all the presents they received and worse would have to feign happiness
and excitement I didn't feel. It was like being the only kid who didn't
get cake in a classroom of kids who did. No body is interested in
seeing that. Yeah sure, the spirit of Christmas isn't about getting
presents until you have to watch your friends opening three hundred of
them. Ask me if I feel like a loser?

Then something changed.

One year on my walk home from work, I went to the dollar store and
bought a 12 inch Christmas Tree and gold decorations of angels and
stars. Then I bought some wrapping paper, a red stocking and went home.
Every day for the next two weeks, I went and bought myself some little
presents, went home, wrapped them and stuck them around the tree or in
the red stocking. I bought Prince's latest CD at the time, the Rainbow
Children, and wrapped it. Every single person that knows I love Prince
asked me, "How's Prince's new album?"

I had to say that I didn't know because I bought it as a Christmas
present and couldn't unwrap it until Christmas. As I explained that in
my quest to enjoy Christmas that I bought myself presents and wrapped
them most of my friends looked at me like I was nuts.

"Why bother?" they asked, "You already know what you're getting since
you bought them."

I explained that I was even more excited because I knew what I got and
I had to wait to enjoy them. I had never been this excited about
Christmas when I was a kid.

On Christmas day I cooked my own turkey with italian sausage stuffing,
mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce (homemade). I also made a prime rib
roast, rice and veggies. For dinner I had two plates of food: One with
the turkey and the fixin's and the other with the roast beef and mashed
potatoes. Two types of gravy equals two different plates of food. And
wine! I had such a wonderful time that it has become my Christmas
People still try to insist that I can't spend Christmas alone and I
say, "I learned to love Christmas by spending it alone!"

Okay off to do some rollerblading. Been invited for a BBQ at Hugs and
Cinnabon's house. Two of the nicest people I know. I decided to
nickname them Hugs and Cinnabon...

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