27 July 2006

Dead Television Report 4

27July06 Thursday 8:48pm

Well it's been more than a week now without the television. Who said that?
I'm loving it like an old soul record. I went to see, I'm not a dinner mint on Saturday at Harbourfront Centre and enjoyed a pint or three on the patio. I marveled during intermission how many people had to check their cell phones to see if they'd received any calls. Wow, how lucky that you are so popular? I guess if I actually gave out my cell phone number... Oh yeah no one calls me at home anyway, why would they call my cell if they had the number?

Anyway, I finished backing up all my music from my laptop (over 200 CD's) and then went off on a whole tangent. I was backing up 2Pac's greatest hits and I decided to see what they had written about him on www.wikipedia.org. For what ever reason the entry sparked my imagination and I was furiously writing notes for a black fable. Then I was sorting through my books for research for said fable. 20 Books in total. I'm pretty excited about that idea. So I've got to get cracking on my current WIP's in order to get to that one.

I sat in the park where all the dog owners bring their dogs to socialize and giggled for hours.

I finished the book: Dreamhealer - his name is Adam. www.dreamhealer.com
A Part of me wonders if some adults wrote the book for him, is he really that smart? Can he really heal? And the other part of me believes that we have capabilities that we haven't tapped. At least I want to believe. Why do we fly in our dreams? How do we meet dead people in our dreams and communicate with them? How does cancer just disappear?
Any how Adam gave me some ideas for a book 10 of my WIP Dreamweaver.

I was saying today to one of my work mates that with a television it can take me a month to read a book, without the television it can take me a week including all the other activities I participate in.

There's been other stuff that I've been doing, I should have kept notes.

But over all I feel less like I'm allowing my life to waste away and less bombarded by advertising. Commercials! The same commercial over and over in the breaks of an hour long show. Commercials that are much louder than the actual show you are watching. Commercials that show people pulling one over on somebody else, embarrassing somebody or some other kind of stupid thing. Commercials that all say the same thing. I thought advertising was a creative field? Who was the first person that said thinking outside the box? Now every one says it. If you're saying it you're not thinking outside the box. If you are thinking outside the box it means you're creating something outside of the norm. If you really thought outside the box, you'd find another way to say it. Okay commercials make me rant, clearly...

Maybe I can make it until the next Olympics before I get another television... Just a thought! Thinking outside the television screen. Whoopee!


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