18 July 2006

My Morning Prayers

Tuesday 16July06 7:18pm

As I may have mentioned in one of my postings, I suffer from depression. It hasn't been problematic for a number of years because I've taken a proactive stance and continually look for ways to feel better. This blog is one of those ways, sharing what I think of life and looking for inspiration. Another practice is keeping a book of prayers, affirmations and quotes to read on a daily basis to kickstart my thoughts in the feel good direction. I thought I'd share some of those and either provide links to sites where I got the prayers/quotes. Some of the longer pieces I will post on to my own website (ahh there is still a use for my website!) and provide the links for those as well

Statement of Purpose - I got this from the Inward Bound Seminar - http://www.getavibrantlife.com

My Statement of Purpose reads:
I, Shelley-Lynne Domingue hereby declare before myself and God that my primary purpose is to be creative and inspired, loving of myself and others.
I do this with my writing ability. I transform loving memories that people have of each other into Poetic Pieces. I write inspiring novels and books and create from my work savings and financial abundance beyond my wildest dreams.
I'm a creative genius and I apply my wisdom. I am a loving partner, sister and loyal friend. I am inspired by my relationships and see the perfection in my interactions. I am present to myself and maintain contact with my inner knowing and intuition through meditation and dream work. I have a fulfilling life with love, gratitude and balance.

Some Affirmations
I am a silent warrior and I am not going to turn my back on the battlefield.

I'm gonna ride this motherfucker till the wheels fall off - Martin Lawrence (on Inside the Actor's studio)

I contemplate myself as surrounded by the conditions which I want to produce - Wayne Dyer (The Power of Intention)

Success is my only mother-fucking option, failure's not - Eminem (8 Mile)

Wayne Dyer gives some good ones - From The Power of Intention - CD series:

Today I arise with a knowing that my writing will complete what I have already envisioned in the contemplations of my imagination. The writing flows from intentions manifest abundance. I am urged to read a particular book or to talk to a unique individual and I know that it's all working in perfect abundant unity. The phone rings and I know that just what I needed to hear is resonating in my ear. I get up to get a glass of water and my eyes fall on a book that has been sitting on my shelf for twenty years but this time I'm propelled to pick it up. I open it and I've once again been directed by spirits willingness to assist and guide me as long as I stay in harmony with it. It goes on and on and on and I'm reminded to stay in that place where I am receptive to all.

I close my eyes and paint my future and the rest takes care of itself - Dawson's Creek

I get off the couch and into my possibility - Nip/Tuck

Sometimes those dreaded chain emails that others send have a few good gems like this:
God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the ONE I can, and the wisdom to know it's me.

The Reiki Affirmation:
Just for today:
I will not worry
I will not be angry
I will do my work honestly
I will give thanks for my many blessings
I will be kind to my neighbors and all living things.

My life deserves my best effort
My writing is the gold growing in front of me
I make time everyday to work on my writing projects
I love what I do, I do what I love.

I've just spent a couple hours going through old emails trying to find the author of the writer's prayer. She took the St. Francis of Assisi prayer and reworked it for writers. It is beautiful and would love to share it. I'm going to keep looking and send emails to a few people to see if I can get permission to post it on my blog...

More prayers another day. I have forty pages of them


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