19 July 2006

What a Difference a Shoe Makes

Wednesday 8:03p.m. 19July06

Some days things just go my way and I have to remember this for those days when things don't and I tell myself that I'm doomed and am destined to follow the bad luck path.

I started off my day with two appointments. One - to get my feet x-rayed and Two - to go to the foot clinic for a foot assessment and gait analysis. I was dreading both because I just knew that I'd have to wait and wait. That's the way it always goes. I got to the X-ray suite and there were already 15 people sitting in the waiting room. I sighed. I handed in my doctor's sheet, sat down and pulled out a book. I kept hearing the receptionist tell everyone after me, "It's going to be at least an hour."

I sighed some more.

The doctor came out and called a set of names then called my name as the fourth person. I jumped out of my seat and followed them behind the door. He told each person either, "strip from the waist down" or "strip from the waist up."
Me, he told, "wait over at that door for me."
Yes the cosmos were smiling, I was going first. Didn't have to take my clothes off. I was only getting my feet x-rayed.

I left there feeling chipper knowing that I had a five minute walk and the Foot Clinic didn't open for a half hour.
At the foot clinic I wasn't paying attention and didn't grab a numbered patient form until after 2 others had. Well number 3 couldn't be that bad. We were ushered into the foot clinic's suite and told to sit down. The chiropodist came out and called number 1 and walked away with her as he looked at her sheet then turned right back around explaining that the casting so and so was still occupied so she'd have to wait. Turns out number 2 was also needing the casting so and so... I, lucky again, became number 1 and followed the quite cute chiropodist and had my assessment and analysis. Armed with some instructions on how to alleviate the crippling pain my poor feet have been suffering with, I went to work.

After work I dropped off my luggage (I carry far too much stuff) at home and promptly left again to go to the shoe store. I decided on the stand alone Foot Locker instead of going to the mall and traipsing around there paining my feet more and feeling irritated. The main thing the chiropodist said was, "just make sure some kid that doesn't know anything about shoe widths doesn't serve you."

I checked out the styles of runners for a couple pairs that I liked and as I held them in my hands my luck ran out. Some kid came up to me and asked me if he could get me shoes. Well we can't have everything go our way!

He brought me back the shoes, size 8 instead of 8 and a half and I tried them on dutifully just in case. Hurt like hell. He asked me, "How's your day going?"
"Well, I had to go to the foot doctor this morning because my feet are killing me so I need to get a couple pairs of running shoes."

Doesn't he kick into over drive? He finds out where my pain is, recommends wider shoes that have better support, even has me try on a pair with gel insoles. He's so attentive I ask him,"Do you like your job?"
"I don't mind it, I've only been here for about 2 1/2 weeks to keep my mother happy because she doesn't want me lazing around all day. I'm really into music and I spend all my spare time focused on doing my music and writing."

Gett Outt!

I tell him he's got a good face for rap. Baby faced charming cute. And I hope he keeps at it.

He goes off and gets me two more pairs of shoes. I try them both on and love love love them.
"How is it that you know so much about shoes and you've been doing this for barely 3 weeks?" I ask
I love running shoes. I like to know what makes this pair different from that pair. And I believe in good customer service.

For all you people who have made fun of black kids that spend all their money on nice running shoes, this is the guy to shut you up but quick.
When I went to pay for the shoes I told the cashier which turns out to be his boss, "that guy is good. My foot doctor told me not to let some kid serve me that didn't know anything about shoe widths and I got this charming kid that is a great salesman and damn interesting to boot."
"Yeah I know, that's why he's on my team."

I gave the kid my card and told him to email me and let me know what he's up to with his music and when I could see him perform. And check out my blog and see what I'm all about. Maybe something I've said will inspire him to continue on with his dream, not that he needs it. Maybe something I said will inspire his music.

Blake, What a great inspiring experience meeting you. You made me remember what it was like when the passion was all consuming. You have a great attitude about making the best of passing the time at a job. If you have to work it doesn't have to be agony. I know you're really not a kid it's just what us so-called grown folks say.

Turns out some things do go my way.


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