06 August 2006

Angel Visitations

Sunday 10:03pm 6Aug06

I was looking for a new male acquaintance today. Someone who makes me feel calm being myself in his presence. A grown man who makes me laugh, a great conversationalist and interesting to boot. Instead I ran into a friend who I haven't seen in several years. We chatted about our current lives. All my descriptions about my life is what he's striving for: being single, sustainable streams of income, writing everyday, blogging. He said that he hates writing despite being a dub poet. He said that it was the process of getting the words on paper that he hated. I showed him my digital recorder and he jumped with excitement and said that he wanted one too.

Running into me, he said, was like an angel visitation to keep him inspired. He was on his way to meet with a friend with rollerblades and ran into me, a friend with rollerblades.

It's funny how lately my weekends run in themes or at least I notice themes.

As I walked around the parade site yesterday, a man asked me, "would you like me to carry your skates?"
I said, "Yeah okay."
His friend burst out laughing and said, "he wasn't expecting that answer."

I stood and chatted with the man that offered to carry my skates.
He said, "you look like a woman I knew in Montreal."
"I'm from Montreal."
"Do you look like your mother?" he asked.
"Yeah she's probably your mother."
"Did you ever go to a place called 'RP'?"
He gasped and threw his arms around me. He mentioned that he never knew her real name just her nickname.
We said the same nickname.

When I later told a girlfriend she got teary eyed and said, "It's like an Angel visitation from your mother. She just dropped by to say, 'Hi.'"

A couple weekends ago the same girlfriend told me about her trip to Calgary. She got a psychic reading and was told she had angels around her and all she had to do was ask for help. That turned out to be my theme that weekend. I had great notes about that but decided not to blog about it. I dreamt of my mother that weekend and didn't realize that I could have talked to her about my current concerns until I woke up. I kept telling myself, "I have to remember to ask for help." I forget to do it because it's not something I do much of in my awake life but everything is different in my dream life. Everything is different.

I didn't run into the male acquaintance today. I called his name in my head hoping for a telepathic link or luck or deliberate intention. There's something inspiring about this person and I'm ready to meet new people but the blasts from the past reaffirm that my direction is an inspiration. Like attracts like.


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