23 August 2006

Improvements - Personal Arthritic Regime

Wednesday 8:13pm 23Aug06

I've made it past the fever, thankfully. My energy level has improved ten fold and I'm not yawning constantly which is what I normally do. I decided to mix the raw potato juice with the raw beet juice with celery, carrots and lemon to truly mask the nasty raw potato taste. It's much better. It's nice to have those odd brainwaves every once in awhile.

Since my Sunday breakfast mate will be in Stratford this coming weekend, I plan to do an all juice fast. I'll have the thrill of trying the raw cabbage juice. Can you hear my hands clapping with excitement? Probably because they are not clapping and I'm not that excited. But I'll do it anyway.

There's nothing better than feeling the changes relatively quickly. My feet haven't had the continual excruciating pain which is a Godsend. The foot massager under my desk at work that my cute little friend bought me certainly helps. My feet enjoy the attention for sure.

I'm enjoying all the music I bought myself as a reward in advance of this crazy fast, junk food restriction, all around Spartan existence I'm trying on. It was a good idea to reward myself in advance. The sparkpeople site is coming in very handy because I have no chance of forgetting all that I need to have. As I click off each goal that I've accomplished, arthritis wise, I notice what I still need to include and go and grab that too.

I had a splendiferous salad for my lunch today and yesterday (tasted so good, I had to have it again!) :
4 sliced peaches
2 sliced oranges
mixed with 4 TBSP's Renee's Ravin' Raspberry Salad Dressing
Spring mix (mixed greens)


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