01 August 2006

Dead Television Report 5

5:47am Tuesday 1Aug06

Still happily not watching the tele and have reached week two.
I did the fake blogathon which upped the posting quotient substantially. I changed my furniture around in my quest to minimize the clutter that I live with. Both my desks now have clear surfaces again, for as long as that lasts. I bought a couple CD wallets. I've decided to take all the CD's that don't have liner notes out of those stupid jewel cases they come in and stick them in the wallets. I'm tired of trying to find a place to store all those CD's and I'm even more tired of those jewel cases that break the moment you look at them. Yeah! I'm going to get organized one way or another.

I went to a summer outdoor get together of which if I still had a tele, I would have convinced myself with some lame excuse why I should just stay home. I have this quirky almost agoraphobic-ness that if I can't picture myself having a good time at an outing, I just won't go. Without the television, I've been telling myself, I really should get out. If I don't like it I'll just go home early. Because I went out I got the opportunity to be driven home in a smart car. They rock! Plus I had some major laughs which is something I always enjoy. And I met some new people.

I told my famous cat story about how I composed two songs for my cat Picasso, who I felt may suffer from middle child syndrome, and sang them to much appreciative laughter. There were lots of silly humoured people, my favorite kind.

I've been finding in these last two weeks especially that I've been thinking about what I want to write as I do my other chores. Writing has become foremost in my thoughts. I chalk that up to blogging, the blogathon and going without a television. Sometimes everything does come in threes!


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