25 August 2006

Juice Fast - Personal Arthritic Regime

Friday 5:20am 25Aug06

Well, I start my juice fast tomorrow morning. I've got to go to Price Chopper tonight after work to stock up on beets, white potatoes, celery, carrots and lemons.
I'll be starting with my morning smoothies, continuing with the beets and potato juices, keeping to the Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water twice a day and adding the black radish juice, noni juice and a good fresh fruit juice, most likely oranges, if I can get enough bags of oranges at a decent price. I've got two watermelons so I'll be chomping on a lot of watermelon because I'm one of those weird people who loves watermelon but hates it juiced. Makes no sense but the smell is so strong when I juice watermelon that I can't bring the juice to my mouth to drink it. Actually all melons. But I like them in smoothies because there is so much going on there that I can't smell it. Strange, I know!

I'll be doing all this with 8 glasses of water a day. I've found the easiest way to ensure that I get the 8 glasses a day is to have 2 glasses in the morning when I get up, 2 glasses before lunch, 2 glasses before dinner, and 2 glasses before I go to bed.

I went to bed super early last night and read for awhile and fell asleep by 8pm. With my daily 4am rising I find that it does me good to get to bed extra early every once in awhile to recharge my body plus healing is done while you sleep, I think.


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