20 August 2006

Raw Potato Juice - Personal Arthritic Regime

Sunday 5:02pm 20Aug06

Well, I had my first glass of raw white potato juice. It looked like milk. It tasted, well, not so great. I had to juice a half lemon into it to make it palatable, if that's possible. All I have to say is it better do other great things for me like give me instantaneous orgasms just by saying the word orgasm. Or something like that. ha!

I had to chase it with beet, celery and carrot juice. But I did it and will apparently be doing it daily. Maybe one day I'll look forward to it too. Not!

I had a busy weekend of washing, cutting and cooking vegetables in some sort of soup or other. Crock pots are such handy appliances. I think I'll have to buy two more for myself for Christmas. I made pea soup with red lentils. I made the apple, red cabbage and carrots cooked in red wine vinegar, sugar and allspice and it's actually quite tasty, given that I used less sugar than it called for. My crock pot is currently rocking some Mushroom and Barley soup and the dried porcini mushrooms that are in it smell so good, I can hardly wait for it to be cooked. I'm planning to cook red onion and red pepper soup in my other crock pot soon. The homemade vegetable stock makes such a difference in the taste of soup. I never liked soup growing up until I started making my own and it is all about making it with stock.

My fridge is brimming with health. My freezer will be packed with individual serving containers of all the soups I make since they will last longer than all the perishables in my fridge. I've even labeled the containers. I'm so organized that I'm scaring myself. Who is this anal person that moved into my body?

Arthritis has given me the opportunity to find all sorts of vegetarian recipes that I was never motivated enough to check out in the past. So it's all good.


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