05 August 2006

Slo Mo

Saturday 10:08am 5Aug06

I'm moving in slow motion this morning, coloured people time? It is jump up after all. Went to bed late with my last ditch effort to reorganize my apartment. It looks great. My writing area has become a lovely cozy nook. At the opposite end of the room I've got a little reading corner to get me away from the desks, once in awhile. I now have floor space to work out once again. Now I just need to take care of the kitchen and the bathroom and, and...

In keeping with my newfound floor space, I hooked up my VCR to my television in order to play my work out tapes and what did I discover? My television doesn't need a converter, ha ha! So the Dead Television Report will have to be renamed the Not So Dead Television Report. I've enjoyed all that I've been accomplishing without the television so I'm going to need to keep that up. I don't really need to watch re-runs do I?

I still have a stack of tapes of the shows from last season. Almost caught up on Prison Break. Don't know if I'll watch it this season, but who knows it starts in a couple weeks.

I'm going to rollerblade to the parade, packing a frozen bottle of water, a smoothie and some cherries. Prep my stomach for all the West Indian food I can stuff in. Just because.

It's so important for me to have a good writing space. An area that testifies that what I love to do is a priority. A space that insists on a writing frame of mind. And clearly off limits to people who come to my apartment to visit. My space was so wide open before that people just assumed that they could sit in it and peek at what was on my desk.

Okay... jump up jump up!


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